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If you open multiple poker or casino gambling software on your PC, you need to click on a specific window in the background to activate it. If you click on a specific area (the fold button for example in poker) and make betting decisions, the software application works immediately on your click. If you accidentally clicked an action button when just trying to reactivate a window in your PC background the poker software has obeyed your click and will act accordingly.

For example, you may be working on a spreadsheet of your cheque-book in the foreground of your PC screen and be playing on a poker site in the background. You get an alert from the poker game notifying you of your turn to act; you click on the general area of poker window to activate it. If you happen, by chance, to click on the Fold button when you want to bring the games window to the foreground, guess what? Yes, you accidentally folded the hand without meaning too.

To prevent wrong clicks when reactivating your poker window, you need to call the application to the foreground by clicking on the little icon on the tool bar rather than randomly clicking the window gaming area or just mouse click the window by its window borders. (If you click on the tiny ‘close’ button of the poker window accidentally, don’t panic. All online live money poker sites ask you if you are sure you wish to leave the table before closing the window) qq online.

Be aware that a few sites force your game window to the front of the screen when your turn to bet or you need to perform an action arrives. If you have to work at other PC windows during the game (which you should not, since you need to focus on playing a poker game if you are to have any chance of winning), you may inadvertently make a few clicks that give you more than you ever bargained for if the game pops to the foreground when you are not expecting it.

Wrong clicks usually don’t cost you much financially when using your PC, but trying to multi-task with multiple applications and windows open whilst playing online poker could leave a serious dent in your wallet.

The author offers tips and advice to maximise your chance of winning whilst engaging in Online Poker Gaming and other Casino table games that can be played online for real money. Sometimes the most simple little tips can make the difference between you having the edge at an Online Poker table or being just another mediocre player. Gambling online when either playing Casino table games or Sports Betting Online should be taken seriously, after all it is your money at stake and we all love to win!