Getting a Green Card Through Lottery


Many people would state that the simplest solution to obtain a Green card is throughout your employer if you’re employed in America, or whether you are now being petitioned with a relative who’s a naturalized citizen within america. But what when you haven’t ever set foot in America or you also realize that no body there? You need not frown. Greencard lottery might just be ideal for you personally.

Green Card Lottery

As stated by the particular program, there will soon be 50 000 individuals who’ll have the opportunity to obtain US  resident status by means of lottery! Yes. Contrary to popular belief – if you’re name is lucky enough to become attracted out of the great – you’ve started using it.

History of Permanent Resident Card Lottery

Green card lottery has been initiated with the US congress in 1986 in recognition of immigrants arriving from unrepresented countries and for those people who’ve been influenced by the INA (Immigration Nationality Act).

Application Procedure

Previously, applicants to your Permanent Resident card lottery apply their own application through post. However, in year 2003it had been done online. First you need to check on with USAGCLS if you qualify then you want to pay for $250 as administrative commission. You would have to pay a visit to the US Department of State web site and get the form there. Next, you will probably be given your username and password to finish your application. The most essential things you must own if you want to have a greencard is that the Diversity Visa application. When you have won in the lottery, then you’ll be advised via email.

Rights and Privileges

After getting your card, you also may enjoy the rights and rights that a Native American American can enjoy except of course the best way to vote since it is intended for American citizens only. With your own card, you will have permanent resident status also it could be restored after ten decades. You also gain the right to work freely anywhere inside the United States also to get or put up your own small business. If you wish to be a US citizen, then all you need is 5 decades of residency and you can apply for citizenship. Having the Permanent Resident card lets you enjoy the rights and obligations (such as paying of tax) along with other indigenous Americans.

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