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Pro poker players are constantly evaluating their game and due to their competitors. The ideal applications for this really is PokerTracker. Poker tracker will list every hands of poker that you play with online and also arrange them into a neat easy to use database to show you just how you are playing and, more importantly, how your opponents are playingwith. If the experts are using it then you need to too. So how can it function?

Online IDN Poker rooms will automatically store comprehensive hand histories on your own hard disk for every hand of poker that you simply play . PokerTracker will then import those hand histories to some database and allow one to populate stats on to help you to plug leaks in your match. It is going to also allow you to profile your opponents in order to detect and exploit flaws in their game. PokerTracker is also a great record keeping tool. It’s going to explain to you the number of hands that you have played, how far you won or lost, how much time you have played, just how much you are making hourly, and lots of different things. The most crucial part of the software is that the reporting.

PokerTracker will allow you to see how loose or tight and how passive or aggressive you are playing. It is going to also provide you this advice for any and all of your competitions. There may be times that you start to get lax along with your starting hands and begin playing many hands. This really is a common problem that usually goes overlooked. PokerTracker will grab it instantly. You could even see how often you check-raise, win at showdown, go to show down, and an assortment of other stats.

The application may also allow you to examine the operation of each starting hand by AA right down to 72o. You may sort these by position as well to see where you’re earning profits and where you are losing money. Cutting out losing hands is among the most profitable items you can perform being a poker player. Without some form of tracking software there’s no way to know what hands are earning you money in what position and what hands are costing you money. Broadly speaking you remember your big winners as well as your big losers. Its the hands in between which break or make up a professional poker player. Make certain that you haven’t any gaping holes in your match.

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