The Progressive Jackpot – The Crown of General Bingo

Many kinds of jackpots can be found at various online bingo sites. One of the more attractive general bingo jackpots is the progressive jackpot, due to the fact that the prize money can snowball to a large five figure sum, if not bigger. For all its pull of big money, progressive jackpot may not be suitable for all bingo players especially the beginning ones, who should ideally start with the free online games.

Besides adding flavor to the popular online game, the prize money gives all players a fair chance to win the jackpot. The progressive jackpot’s loot is the sum of money deposited by players during each general bingo game. This prize money increases with each bingo game played, making it more attractive and offline players to the bingo site SBOBET.

There are certain criteria to be met before the progressive jackpot can be won. Usually a certain set of number calls is required or having the winning combination. Players may also be asked to make the maximum bet to win the jackpot. Different ball bingo games may have slight variations in the rules and conditions for winning. Due to the nature of possibilities, there can be either a solo winner or multiple winners of the same jackpot. When it is the latter, the prize money is then shared equally among the winners.

Even though bingo is essentially a game of chance, players can follow some guidelines to increase their odds of winning the jackpot. Joining online bingo communities where chat moderators hand out the prize money reduces the probability of relying on chance to win. Bingo cards with higher price tags usually also have higher prizes.

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